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Deshaun Watson’s best fit is the Chiefs, anonymous exec says

NFL Network’s Daniel Jeremiah polled five anonymous NFL executives and asked them the best fit for Clemson QB Deshaun Watson, who will be entering the 2017 NFL Draft.

This is a Chiefs blog so you can probably guess what one of the answers was. That’s right, the Chiefs. Here’s what the exec said:

"He's a great fit in Kansas City,” the exec said. “The system already incorporates zone-read concepts, heavy use of the tight end and RPOs (run-pass option). Watson excels on those quick seam routes and pop passes and he'd be surrounded by a staff that knows how to develop a quarterback. He could sit behind Alex Smith for a year or two and then take over."

Just one of the five execs said the Chiefs with the others picking the 49ers, Cardinals and Texans. Jeremiah agrees with the Chiefs pick and says that would be the ideal spot.

“I would pick Kansas City as the ideal spot for him to have a successful career,” Jeremiah wrote. “Andy Reid is outstanding at developing young quarterbacks and he would mold his scheme/play-calling around Watson's greatest strengths.”

I go back to when Andy Reid was first hired. One of the first things I said is that it’s going to be fun blogging about an Andy Reid-coached team because they’re always linked to quarterbacks. That’s been true. Reid is known as a good quarterback coach (put your Alex Smith jokes here, please) so any time there’s a good quarterback, someone will say he makes sense with Reid.

In this case, it’s true that a quarterback makes sense. Is it Watson? Mitch Trubisky? Someone else? I can’t speak to specifically which quarterback makes sense but the idea of taking one has never been more appealing in Reid’s tenure than this year.

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