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Another “This is how much Eric Berry means to the Chiefs” story

We’ve shared a few “This is how much Eric Berry means to the Chiefs” stories lately and here’s another one. James Palmer of NFL Network, who covered the Chiefs multiple times last season, was on this podcast and had some good insight on Berry’s impact on the team. It goes beyond the field...

“I spent a lot of time with the Chiefs this season a lot of time in that locker room ... It’s really just, as he goes, that entire team goes. He tells them and runs that locker room more or less. ‘Today we’re taking care of this, today we’re going through this, tomorrow we’re doing this’. As he goes, that whole locker room goes. He celebrates a win for about 25 minutes postgame and then he’s watching film on the bus and on the plane back to Kansas City on a road game on what he can critique and get better. And then he’s in the coaches offices Monday morning talking to them personally saying what do you think we can do this next week.

“What he does for that team and what he’s done for that city and what he’s been through, he is the Chiefs. He is that franchise. You mention that Tom Brady comparison that Bob Sutton made, I think he is the face of the Chiefs.”

This isn’t news to most Chiefs fans. They know that Berry is as dedicated as they come. Yet it remains a business so we wait to see what will happen.

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