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The Chiefs type of cornerback is in this draft

This could be a draft that has the cornerbacks that the Kansas City Chiefs like. They tend to like the bigger corners (over 5’10) that are physical and can push receivers around. There are always exceptions but I look at Marcus Peters as a good example of the type of guy that they like.

This quote from an piece drew my attention to the cornerbacks in this draft.

"I was blown away when I looked at our database and realized how many really big and long cornerbacks are out there in this draft. That's the trend though. We used to see those guys move to safety, but not anymore. Seattle, Carolina and Kansas City all love those kinds of guys. If you are long and can play the ball, you are getting pushed up in this draft." -- NFC pro personnel director

The idea of taking a cornerback will be an interesting one to talk about this year. I can go either way. The Chiefs have other needs they can address and Terrance Mitchell and Steven Nelson both seemed to come on well last year. Was it enough to stop the Chiefs from investing in corner early? Corner is one of those premium positions, like pass rusher, where I would pretty much always be OK with drafting one ... assuming you’re drafting a good one. If I could get 90 percent of a Marcus Peters with the 27th pick, I’d take it (maybe that would Washington CB Sidney Jones).

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