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Tony Romo expecting a release, not a trade, per ESPN report

Yeah, yeah, the Chiefs are not likely in the Tony Romo sweepstakes but he’s the most interesting free agent this year so we’ll keep an eye on him. The latest comes from ESPN’s Ed Werder who reports that Romo is expecting to be released and not traded.

I don’t know if this is the Cowboys trying to do right by Romo to go where he wants or whether the market isn’t as big as folks have suggested. If it is indeed a release rather than a trade I’m not sure that it changes a ton other than some team out there won’t have to give up a draft pick. Those who aren’t interested because of the money probably still aren’t interested because he should still be able to command a decent deal, even if short-term.

I’ll be fascinated to see where he goes and how much he gets.

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