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Is Tyler Bray ready to be the Chiefs No. 2?

You saw the news this week that the Kansas City Chiefs are likely to pass on Nick Foles’ option making him a free agent in March. That would mean behind Alex Smith the Chiefs have only Tyler Bray and Joel Stave heading into 2017. Stave was a late add to the practice squad so they really only have Bray as a viable option to back up Alex Smith next season.

Is Bray ready to be the No. 2?

The answer that I have and that everyone should have: I have no idea.

Bray has been in the system for four years so I feel better about his chances than Stave but we still have no idea what Bray brings. He threw 26 passes last year, none in 2015, 32 in 2014 and 40 in 2013. These are all preseason, by the way. He has never thrown a regular season pass.

That lack of experience would concern me, especially if Alex Smith got hurt. But at some point the Chiefs need to decide on Bray. It’s hard to justify keeping him again next season if he can’t get past the Chiefs third quarterback spot after four years.

I would like to see Bray have a preseason that forces the Chiefs to make a decision on him. He plays lights out and makes it obvious he’s ready for the No. 2 role. Or if the Chiefs draft someone, he’ll be in competition with someone (a competition that would surely be stacked against him if it’s a high draft pick).

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