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Add Josh Mauga to list of Kansas City Chiefs 2017 free agents

Here’s something I’m just learning today: Josh Mauga is a free agent.

He wasn’t in our list of the Kansas City Chiefs 2017 free agents. He had reportedly signed a three-year deal in 2015 so we thought he had one more year under contract after missing all of last season with a hip injury.

That is wrong. BJ Kissel of put out the official list of Chiefs free agents and Mauga’s name is listed. So, yeah, that’s confirmed. He’s scheduled to be a free agent in March. None of the contract websites out there had Mauga listed as one of the Chiefs free agents so I didn’t realize this.

This will change how I look at the offseason a little bit because the Chiefs have a lot going on at inside linebacker. Mauga was out all of last year, DJ got hurt in November, Justin March hardly played while Ramik Wilson did. What will inside linebacker look like next year?

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