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The Chiefs are probably wondering how the Seahawks got away with this

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll admitted recently that Richard Sherman had an injury last season except it was never disclosed on the injury report. This is a violation of the rules and should result in discipline, especially because the Seahawks have been disciplined for rules violations multiple times in recent years.

The Seahawks got away with a warning for this one. How?

I wonder if the NFL didn’t discipline them because that’s a rule that plenty of teams break. It wouldn’t shock you to say that teams fudge the injury report. If it’s a rule that many teams break, how can you pick and choose who you discipline?

Does this sound familiar, Chiefs fans? The Chiefs broke a rule last year that many teams break - tampering. Many teams break that rule in plain sight. Yet the Chiefs do it and they get docked two draft picks and the coach and GM are fined. The other teams who broke the same rule ... nothing.

Why did the NFL decide to go nuclear on the Chiefs but not the Seahawks? It’s all random. That’s why this sucks.

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