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There are odds on Eric Berry’s next team has posted odds on which team Eric Berry will be playing for in the 2017 season. These odds give the field a better shot of signing him than the Chiefs which ... is interesting. And probably fair at this point. There’s some uncertainty with Berry. Chiefs GM John Dorsey called the talks positive which prompted Berry’s agent to dispute they were positive - but they are talking. That’s something I guess.

These are teams with a ton of cap space along with the Falcons. They’re named because Scott Pioli, now in Atlanta, drafted Berry. Also Berry is from the Atlanta area.

If I’m Berry, I wouldn’t sign with the Chiefs before free agency hits (unless the Chiefs tag him) and the reason is all that cap space. If he wants to maximize his money, he should hit the market. Surely someone with tens of millions more in cap space would pay more than the Chiefs. But he also has a good thing going here in Kansas City with teammates he seems to like on a good team. If it’s close, Kansas City has a good argument.

Atlanta Falcons +1600

Chicago Bears +1400

Cleveland Browns +1000

Jacksonville Jaguars +900

Kansas City Chiefs +140

Field +105

It's Game Time.

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