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Peter King says the Chiefs are the best choice to face Patriots in 2017 season opener

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We mentioned last week that the Kansas City Chiefs looked like one of the 2-3 best options to open the 2017 season against the Patriots in New England. Peter King of The MMQB agrees.

In fact, King has them as the most likely choice. He put his own odds on each team it could be and the Chiefs are at the top with 2-1 odds followed by the Texans (4-1) and Falcons (9-2).

Under the Chiefs, King points out that the Chiefs are a safe pick. “Andy Reid’s team is always competitive,” King wrote. He calls the Chiefs the easiest choice.

Teams change rapidly in the NFL from one season to the next. But you can count on Andy Reid’s team being competitive, especially with all that extra time to prepare.

Clearly I’m a homer but KC makes a lot of sense for this game. Do I WANT it to happen? Nah, not really. Gillette Stadium would be fired up and that would be a tough place to play.