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No, the Chiefs shouldn’t sign Victor Cruz

The New York Giants released WR Victor Cruz today. Since it’s a slow news day, this means a lot of Chiefs fans are seeing Cruz’s release and thinking the Chiefs should sign him.

Nah, they shouldn’t sign him.

He has a name that many recognize so I’m sure that’s where it’s coming from but this doesn’t make much sense when you start to look into the details.

Cruz put up numbers pretty similar to Chris Conley - 39 catches for 586 yards compared to 44 catches for 530 yards from Conley last season.

With Travis Kelce, Jeremy Maclin and Tyreek Hill your first three options, you’re basically saying Cruz is going to beat out Conley for the fourth option (and be more expensive than Conley, but let’s not even touch the money part of it) or we’re talking here today about the Chiefs fifth option in the passing game.

Who is the better bet over the next two seasons, Cruz or Conley? Given the injury histories and age, I would say Conley is more likely to out-produce Cruz. I need a younger and better player than Cruz if I’m going to push my recent third round pick to the back of the pecking order.

What about you? Should the Chiefs consider him? Why am I wrong?

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