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Travis Kelce always plays with the Chiefs on Madden

KC Chiefs TE Travis Kelce played WWE star Seth Rollins in a game of Madden. Of course Kelce played with the Chiefs.

“I’m not gonna lie,” Kelce said, “I don’t think I’ve played this game as a different team since I’ve been in the NFL. It just feels weird playing as another team.”

Watch the video below. I took a few notes as well

Henry Rowengartner mention

Josh Mauga is like an assassin, you don’t even know he’s on the field.”

Catching Kelce talk

“I don’t want to be anywhere else during the season. That place gets rockin’.”

Kelce talked about how “87” was doing a great job ... he is No. 87.

Kelce noted that Derrick Johnson was the Chiefs all-time leader in tackles.

Kelce thinks DJ is Hall of Fame-worthy.

Chargers RB Melvin Gordon showed up and started watching with them.

De’Anthony Thomas almost broke off a punt return for the win with no time remaining. Almost. Kelce loses.

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