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Arrowheadlines: Eric Berry and the franchise tag, Chiefs usually keep free agents they want

Franchise tag looms over Eric Berry situation | ProFootballTalk

Berry had a huge role in Kansas City’s regular-season win over the Falcons. With the Falcons now reeling from a 25-point collapse in the Super Bowl, who better than Berry — who has overcome cancer — to help the Falcons move past one of the low points in franchise history? So even though the Falcons may not need to go outside the current roster in free agency, Berry is the kind of luxury that they should maybe find a way to afford.

Kansas City Chiefs rarely lose the free agents they really want | ESPN

The only major free agent the Chiefs lost that they waged a heated battle to keep was center Rodney Hudson, who two years ago signed instead with the Oakland Raiders.

Former Chiefs assistant coach Dave Adolph dies at 79 | The Kansas City Star

Adolph was KC’s defensive coordinator during 1992-94. He returned to the Chiefs as linebackers coach and assistant head coach under Gunther Cunningham for the 1999 season.

For Chiefs, should it be all about the quarterback? | Arrowhead Addict

And don’t worry, as their young secondary improves and with the possible return of Martavis Bryant, Pittsburgh is even better. Remember, the Steelers had one of the worst secondaries in the AFC this past season, and the Chiefs put up a staggering 172 yards through the air. Keep that stat in mind when you hear people talk about Smith being good enough to lead the team to the Super Bowl. He’s not. Flat out. Perhaps the fact Smith completed 20 passes and still only netted 172 yards is more mind-blowing.

Take Two: Denver receives the gift of Olivo |

He unveiled his "K.I.L.L. It" philosophy, which he described as a "great acronym," standing for "Keep it Likable and Learnable."

Clayton: A 49ers trade for Garoppolo could look similar to the Alex Smith deal | KNBR-AM

"I think they will be involved in Jimmy Garoppolo, but I think there’s going to be a really good battle on that one," Clayton said. "Because I think when you look at the Garoppolo trade, it’s going to be very similar to the Alex Smith trade of a couple years ago. Where naturally, if you’re the Patriots, you’re going to hold out for a No. 1, but you are not going to hold out totally. So knowing there’s maybe not a top five quarterback in this draft, that’s why I think the second round options might be a little more viable. Because then maybe you can give a (second round pick), (a third round pick) in 2018 and I think the Patriots will take that because they are trying to restock the roster as far as getting young guys for the next Super Bowl run."

Letter: Albert Wilson impressive role model for young people on Treasure Coast | TC Palm

Recently I got to meet him, and was impressed at what a humble, kind and gentle spirit that this young man is. He told me of his plight and shared some ideas about making life better for foster kids who, when they reach 18, are basically aged out and given little to no assistance from our state.

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