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It seems everyone is ready for the Chiefs to give John Dorsey a contract extension

Adam Teicher wrote a nice article over at ESPN that says what a lot of you are probably thinking: the Chiefs should give John Dorsey a contract extension.

Adam’s piece does a nice job running down some of the risks Dorsey took that paid off. The point that did the best to illustrate Dorsey’s impact was this “... the Chiefs won no more than four games in four of their six seasons before Dorsey’s arrival.”

That seems like a lifetime ago. I don’t know that many people ever felt they shouldn’t give him an extension but after Thursday’s conference call with reporters it’s clear that the Chiefs should do that and that Dorsey wants it.

What hit me is that all the key players want this done. There doesn’t appear to be any impediments:

Dorsey reiterated his commitment to the Chiefs and the Kansas City community to reporters on Thursday.

Clark Hunt said he wants to extend Dorsey when he made the rounds at Super Bowl week.

Chiefs fans, you want Dorsey back, right? I added a poll here but I think I know the answer to this.

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