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Eric Berry’s agent responds to John Dorsey, wouldn’t call talks positive

Kansas City Chiefs GM John Dorsey characterized the contract talks with Eric Berry as “positive” but didn’t give many specifics beyond that. Berry’s agent, Chad Speck, saw our story on that and replied to Dorsey with this tweet:

There is a long way to go. Sort of. There are notables dates coming up within weeks and others that are months away.

Starting February 15 the Chiefs can use the franchise tag but they have to use it by March 1. The big question there is whether the Chiefs tag Berry. If they do, which Berry doesn’t want, that doesn’t mean talks have to be over.

That’s because the real deadline is July 15. That’s the deadline to sign a long-term deal with a franchised player. Given the disagreements over whether the talks are positive or not, I would bet that July 15 is the deadline we end up being concerned about here.

If the Chiefs do tag him and there is no long-term deal then we’d be testing out whether Berry really would sit out the season.

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