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Peter King on Tony Romo to Chiefs, Alex Smith to Jets: ‘It’s not stupid at all’

ESPN’s Adam Teicher renewed his call for the Kansas City Chiefs to bring Tony Romo to Kansas City. Your opinion on this likely comes down to Romo’s health. If you’re for it, you think Romo can stay healthy. If you’re against it, you don’t think he can. That’s pretty much what this boils down to.

The MMQB’s Peter King joined Boomer and Carton and discussed a hypothetical involving Tony Romo and Alex Smith. Romo goes to the Chiefs and Alex goes to the Jets. They didn’t get into the actual details of exact picks, trades and what not.

It’s not stupid at all,” Peter King said on the radio show. “It’s sensible because the Jets don’t have the patience right now to either give (Jets QB Christian) Hackenberg a trial year or to pick another guy and get back on the quarterback merry-go-round. Right now you get a B, B- or B+ quarterback on a given Sunday who’s not going to turn it over, who is going to do what Todd Bowles wants him to do.”


“My only problem is that Tony Romo is a piece of fine china and he breaks. And that’s the big problem. If you take Tony Romo, you better have a really good backup quarterback behind him.”

The Chiefs backup situation is a little murky. Nick Foles won’t be here at a big salary but they like him so I wouldn’t rule him coming back in this scenario. Tyler Bray has been the No. 3 for four years at this point but with his inexperience I wouldn’t feel comfortable him backing Romo up.

I like the idea of it and the fairy tale ending with Romo leading KC to a Super Bowl ... but there are just too many questions for me to feel comfortable with Romo.

It's Game Time.

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