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Marcus Peters update: Argument with coach part of suspension

As often happens with these situations, a little more information is starting to come out regarding Marcus Peters’ suspension.

Because Andy Reid always protects his players and is tight-lipped about details regarding discipline, we have to rely on reports and leaks. Today, Mike Garafalo gave a really interesting tidbit that provides some insight into Reid’s decision. Apparently Peters had some kind of verbal altercation with a member of the coaching staff on the bus ride to the airport. Here’s the segment:

He made it clear that the argument “factored into the suspension” and wasn’t the only cause, with the flag-throwing and walking off incident playing a role as well.

Another interesting tidbit in this segment: Peters, from what is being reported here that’s based on an actual firsthand conversation, is “apologetic” and “hates the way this came out.” The expectation is that he comes back in a “better frame of mind.”

All of these things are of course just reports and aren’t coming from the man himself, but I’m encouraged to hear that Peters is embarrassed about what has come of all this. A lot of people are very down on Peters right now, but it’s worth noting that many, many players have had altercations with coaches and had things return to normal inside a week (or even a single game).

There’s some additional talk about what Eric Berry’s absence has meant to Peters, which has seemed pretty clear to Chiefs fans this year. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out, both on Sunday and when Peters returns to the locker room.

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