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John Dorsey’s first move in KC was trading for Alex Smith. Could he do the same in Cleveland?

The Cleveland Browns have hired former KC Chiefs GM John Dorsey on the same day they fired their previous GM, Sashi Brown. The Browns clearly had eyes on Dorsey and wasted no time getting him. Good for them because he’s one of the best GMs available.

I started thinking about what Dorsey’s next move would be. Well, he needs a quarterback and the Chiefs might have an extra quarterback next season.

I’m talking about Alex Smith. Dorsey’s first move when coming to Kansas City was to trade two second round picks for Alex. Could he do the same in Cleveland? Chiefs fans and media wondered.

I like the scenario where the Browns trade for Alex after this season and draft a quarterback next season. That would set them up in the same situation the Chiefs are in this year where they have the veteran starter with a young quarterback waiting in the wings. I could really see them going for that.

Dorsey could also know that the Chiefs plan to release Alex Smith after this season. If they’re going to eventually release him, why trade for him? That’s one hang-up I could see. I don’t know what Dorsey knows about what the Chiefs know about Alex Smith (ya know). There’s probably some stuff to unravel there.

It doesn’t sound like there was any bad blood between Dorsey and new GM Brett Veach or Andy Reid so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them work together. Dorsey knows the Chiefs roster as well as anyone too. I would keep an eye on this one.

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