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How does the Chiefs defense play better this week?

We read your tweets every week on the Arrowhead Pride Podcast, and we found this one to be rather interesting this week:

Our discussion:

Shawn Barber: “I would like to see guys play with the right leverage, and when we talk about leverage, when you have inside help, be on the outside. When you have underneath help, be deep. Don’t get beat over the top when you’re a deep defender. When you have man, don’t get bumped off by a rub route. Understand your position, understand the strengths and the weaknesses, and play to your strengths. Simple as that. Play your position.”

Joel Thorman: “That was way better than what I could have added. I would say get more sacks and turnovers. Seems pretty simple to me (laughing). You can talk about all your leverage, I’m just like, ‘get sacks and turnovers.’”

Pete Sweeney: “For the players who might be bubble players in 2018, as far as not only for the Chiefs but any team, this is your game to shine. If you want to be on an NFL squad next year—I’m looking at you Kenneth Acker, I’m looking at you Phillip Gaines—this is your opportunity to put up some good tape, and if the Chiefs win and can get something rolling, cornerbacks, this is your time. This is your chance.”

For that discussion, Marcus Peters talk and a Raiders preview listen on the player below or click here.

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