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The Chiefs can sign Marcus Peters to a long-term deal soon. Will they?

Interesting times in Kansas City. Marcus Peters has been suspended after what went down in last week’s Jets game. This is the hardest Andy Reid has come down on Peters since he’s been here.

The timing of this is interesting because the Chiefs are weeks away from being able to pay Marcus Peters a long-term contract. The CBA says you can’t get a long-term deal until after a draft pick’s third season and the end of Peters’ season is coming up in a few weeks (hopefully longer with the playoffs).

So what do the Chiefs do? Do they re-sign him? The KC Star’s Terez Paylor was on 610 Sports this week and gave his take on whether the Chiefs will re-sign Peters and whether trading him is an option.

“I don’t at this point,” Terez said when asked if he sees the Chiefs re-signing Peters. “There’s just been a lot, man. There’s been a lot, there’s been a lot. There’s been enough, if you think about the anthem issues, if you think about the on-field stuff he’s now been suspended. I think you’re at the point now where things have to get better before you say he’ll be here beyond his rookie deal. If that is my answer, which it is, of course trading him is an option. The question is finding a suitor that can kinda handle that. That’s the trick to it. And then making sure you get the right kind of compensation.”

I’m going to try and keep my take pretty simple. No, the Chiefs shouldn’t trade him. It’s really hard to find good cover corners. Peters has flaws as a player but he’s a very good cover corner which is very impactful. I would keep that guy.


Should the Chiefs sign Marcus Peters to a long-term deal after this season?

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