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Chiefs aren’t sure how much Darrelle Revis will play in his second game

The Kansas City Chiefs played new CB Darrelle Revis for one half last week against the Jets. That one half resulted in about 36 snaps of work for Revis, who hadn’t played yet this season.

It was fair to wonder whether the Chiefs had him on a snap count or they weren’t all that impressed with his first day of work after he missed a couple of tackles.

So, how much will Revis play in his second game against the Raiders?

“I’m just going to see how it plays out,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “We’ll see how he does today and we’ll go from there. Right now with him it’s just getting him back in the swing, day to day and communicating with him. He’s a veteran player, and he’s a good communicator so we’ll just talk with him as we go forward here.”

The Chiefs don’t have to commit to anything. If he goes out and plays well they can keep him out there. If he struggles they can pull him out and talk about being on a pitch count again. I think there’s also some truth to what Reid is saying, that he honestly doesn’t know how it will play out since Revis has been out all year. We shall see.

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