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NFL coach hiring season is coming soon, Chiefs will have candidates

Once the season ends, it becomes head coach hiring season. For the Kansas City Chiefs, that could affect their coaching staff. The Chiefs have a few names that could be brought up for head coaching jobs this year — OC Matt Nagy, ST coach Dave Toub and RB coach Eric Bieniemy.

For my money, Dave Toub is the best choice here

Toub has had head coach interest in the past. He has a connection to Chris Ballard in Indianapolis so I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see him get some interest there. His name will likely be out there even with a down year for the Chiefs special teams. When you coach special teams, you’re taking players from offense and defense and throwing them together and actually coaching them. It’s a hard job and to do it among the league’s best year after year shows you are a good teacher. Toub should get head coaching consideration this offseason.

Nagy is an interesting one too

He is young (39) and in his first full year as the sole offensive coordinator. Andy Reid really likes him as a future coaching candidate. He took over calling plays which is a big step in the head coaching direction. It still feels a little early but it did for Doug Pederson too and look at him now.

Bieniemy is one of my favorite coaches

He’s one of my favorite coaches — at least based on the small clips of NFL Films we see. He is very energetic and active on the sidelines during games. It would be unusual for someone to go from position coach to head coach but Bieniemy’s name has been mentioned before.

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