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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs storylines include Darrelle Revis, Marcus Peters, Alex Smith

Kansas City Chiefs will need more from Darrelle Revis down the stretch | ESPN

“I tried to come in with a game plan in not letting the No. 1 wide receiver in the league who’s a deep threat in Robby Anderson get over the top of me and try to control him that way," Revis said. “I think I did OK. I’m not going to say that’s one of my better games, but it’s something I can build on."

Upon Further Review: Eight Quick Facts Following the Chiefs’ Loss on Sunday |

Hill tallied six catches for a career-high 185 yards and two scores against New York, catching multiple touchdowns for the first time in his career. His 185 yards through the air were the most by a Chief since Jamaal Charles on Dec. 15, 2013.

Tony Dungy, Peter King agree: The Chiefs can’t recover from this | Arrowhead Pride

“You said it last week – attitude. I kind of disagreed with you, but today you see it. This was just undisciplined football in the defensive part (of the game). The offense finally gets going, scores 31 points … I do not think Kansas City recovers from this.”

Chiefs’ Travis Kelce defends Alex Smith: I’m sick of hearing he’s the reason we aren’t winning | Arrowhead Pride

“I’m sick of hearing Alex is the reason why this team isn’t winning,” Kelce said of Alex’s four touchdown day. “He played his tail off and we went out there and battled. It’s any given Sunday for a reason.”

NFL playoff picture update Chiefs hold onto first place this week, at least | Arrowhead Pride

Of course, the playoffs don’t start today. The Chiefs still play the Chargers and Raiders at home. The Chiefs control their own destiny. Winning every game down the stretch would be ideal. Beating the Chargers and Raiders is really important.

Alex Smith first to throw, run for 70 yards in a game since 1966 | The Kansas City Star

In the third quarter, Smith aired out a 79-yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill, and Smith became the first player to have a 70-yard pass and a 70-yard run in a game since at least 1966.

Andy Reid on Peters’ flag toss, whether KC Chiefs lack discipline | The Kansas City Star

Reid said he was evaluating how to handle the incident. “I always talk to the person first,” Reid said. “That’s where I sit right now. I haven’t made any decisions yet. That was the wrong thing to do.”

New Arizona State Coach Herm Edwards Had A Bizarre First Press Conference | Deadspin

Also, Herm talked about the nationwide decline in huddling—“we don’t huddle anymore in our society”—and didn’t appear to know that Arizona State’s mascot is the Sun Devil:

Here’s what happened to the Kansas City Chiefs defense (plus an Eric Berry theory) | Arrowhead Pride

I don’t know how we got here. Coverage looks shaky, with teams seemingly finding open receivers all over the field at will. The pass rush looks largely ineffective (though I haven’t gone back to re-watch to see how much of that was simply McCown getting rid of the ball quickly). Guys are running into each other, grabbing onto wide receivers, and blowing zone assignments. It’s a mess.

Kansas City Chiefs may move on from Alex Smith | NBC Sports

After yet another loss, Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith could be headed to the bench.

Kansas City Chiefs' offense comes alive under a different playcaller | ESPN

“It’s no different than early in the season,’’ Smith said. “I think for one it shows a lot about Coach Reid that he would do that and look internally and make that decision. It’s still a collective effort. Those guys do it together, the entire staff, and certainly [Reid] is a huge part as far as game-planning and playcalling.’’

How the Chiefs Went From Super Bowl Favorites to Total Debacle in Just Two Months | The Ringer

The loss, and the total collapse of the defense, magnifies a problem the Chiefs have had all year: the near-total inability to put together a complete game on both sides of the ball. Even during the team’s quick 5-0 start, the loss of All-Pro safety Eric Berry to an Achilles tear in the opening game against New England proved to be a major factor. In that early stretch, the Chiefs’ game-breaking offense and the MVP candidacy of both Smith and Hunt distracted from the worryingly inept play from the defense. Kansas City struggled to stop the run and was even worse against the pass; the Chiefs headed into Week 6 having surrendered 1,240 passing yards (27th) and nine touchdowns through the air (tied for 24th). When the offense began to stumble, that issue became much more glaring: The defense gave up nearly 1,000 combined yards in back-to-back losses to the Steelers and Raiders in weeks 6 and 7, then surrendered four touchdowns and 28 points in the team’s Week 9 loss to the Cowboys.

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