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Tony Dungy, Peter King agree: The Chiefs can’t recover from this

I went to bed last night with NBC’s Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy saying the Chiefs won’t recover from their recent string of losses and I woke up this morning to read The MMQB where Peter King was saying the Chiefs will ... not recover from this.

This is a tough Monday morning. Let’s start with King who dissected the Chiefs this morning and had this takeaway:

I can’t see the Chiefs recovering,” King wrote. “I say they finish 8-8 and out of the playoffs.”

(To which every Chiefs fan said, “You think this team can win two more games?!?!”)

Rodney Harrison questioned the Chiefs passion and effort in recent weeks. I didn’t agree with him calling out Travis Kelce last week but he’s onto something with this week’s comments.

“It is just not about X’s and O’s,” Harrison said on NBC’s Football Night in America. “We have questioned their heart, we have questioned their passion, their effort, and now we are questioning their discipline. Andy Reid has so much work to do within this locker room to get these guys just to focus, just to play hard.”

Dungy came in with the dagger.

“You said it last week – attitude. I kind of disagreed with you, but today you see it. This was just undisciplined football in the defensive part (of the game). The offense finally gets going, scores 31 points … I do not think Kansas City recovers from this.”

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