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Which game did you first realize the Chiefs may not be as good as advertised?

I asked this question on Twitter and got a bunch of responses. When did you start to believe the Chiefs may not be as good as advertised?

Some people claim they saw this coming as early as the Texans game. They still won that game to go 5-0 but didn’t look quite as outer-worldly as they did before. Some people said the first loss of the season against the Steelers. Levi Damien from SB Nation’s Raiders blog, Silver and Black Pride, said it was the Raiders game.

Still, some others said it was the Dallas loss. The Giants is the one that resonates the most with me. Before that one, the Chiefs losses were pretty defensible. Pittsburgh, Oakland at home in their Super Bowl, Dallas on the road. I wasn’t freaking out before the Giants loss. That one started to make me wonder. The Bills loss, my blind optimism could say, hey, they could be a playoff team!

This Jets loss though ... this one makes it hard to believe this season is going to end up in the postseason.

When did you first think this Chiefs team might not be as good as we think?

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