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Travis Kelce defends Alex Smith: I’m sick of hearing he’s the reason we aren’t winning

Travis Kelce is willing to speak his mind as you all know. The KC Chiefs tight end spoke with reporters after the Chiefs sixth loss of the season in New York and went to bat for Alex Smith.

Before we get to those comments, go back to the Chiefs-Jets game (as painful as it is). The TV broadcast showed Kelce on a replay throwing his hands in the air after he was open on a route and didn’t get the ball from Alex. The cameras then showed Kelce saying something to Alex on the sideline. I wondered what Kelce was saying but I am guessing he wasn’t screaming profanities at him because Alex is clearly still Kelce’s guy.

A reporter started to ask a question about the passing game by mentioning Alex’s four touchdown passes and Kelce -- before the reporter finished her question — chimed in with this.

“You guys talking about Alex Smith?” Kelce said looking around at the media. “Everybody, let’s talk about Alex Smith. Heck of a game. To all the critics ...”

Somehow another reporter interrupted him but Kelce got back to Alex calling him one of the best competitors in the NFL.

“I’m sick of hearing Alex is the reason why this team isn’t winning,” Kelce said of Alex’s four touchdown day. “He played his tail off and we went out there and battled. It’s any given Sunday for a reason.”

Kelce: Still an Alex guy. Hard to fault him after a game like this.

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