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The Darrelle Revis report after his first game with the Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs got one half out of Darrelle Revis in his first game back this season. Revis, who signed with the Chiefs over a week ago, played 36 snaps against the Jets.

What stands out to me: a couple of missed tackles. You could tell he was still knocking off the rust (or he’s old). He just didn’t seem to have the same short area quickness that he did before.

Still, it’s his first game back. Andy Reid said they were monitoring his reps and that’s why he didn’t play the second half.

“:I took him out the second half only because of his number,” Reid said after the game. “He was up to like 39 snaps so I thought that was plenty for him. He’s just getting back into the game so it’s hard to say on that but I appreciate him out there competing. That’s what he did.”

I want to believe that Revis can be the answer but I didn’t see that on Sunday. He allowed five catches for only 36 yards (via PFF) but didn’t quite back. I’m not going to write him off just yet because it’s one half of football after almost a year away from the game. I think he deserves a longer look the rest of the way. I’m just a little less hopeful than I was before the game.

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