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Arrowheadlines: Media reactions to Chiefs dropping six of their last seven games

Ask Terez: Defensive issues, play-calling impact, Alex Smith | The Kansas City Star

Do I think defensive coordinator Bob Sutton could stand to be more creative? Sure. But at this point, I think many players are putting blame on themselves, as they should. Remember how devastating the Chiefs’ pass rush looked in Week 2 against the Eagles? Everybody was getting after Carson Wentz, and that was against one of the best offensive lines in football. Where has that front seven gone?

Chiefs still control destiny, but need to improve in a hurry | The Kansas City Star

"You just continue to fight and try to win a game," quarterback Alex Smith said. "We've been in some close ones a bunch here lately and have come out on the wrong side. Keep fighting and try to find a way. We know we have a couple of big division games coming up, so you have to assess this and get ready."

Once-proud Chiefs' defense threatens to derail season | The Kansas City Star

Reid was cryptic after the game about his own understanding in the moment about what had happened, basically saying Peters left because he thought he was disqualified and came back out (without socks on) when he realized he wasn’t.

Maybe that was minor in the big scheme of things, but along with the flurry of penalties and breakdowns with the game on the line it speaks to a key aspect of this dysfunction junction.

With supreme leader Eric Berry out for the season with an injury, just who are the guys holding others accountable and, for that matter, together?

Chiefs report card: Pass defense, special teams flunk in loss to Jets | The Kansas City Star

Reason to mope: These guys just can’t get on the same page. One week, it’s the offense. The next week, it’s the defense. Sunday, it was the latter’s complete inability to contain the league’s 23rd-ranked offense that led to the Chiefs’ sixth loss in seven games. Brutal.

Chiefs vs. Jets: All the absurd things that happened in New York's win |

Kansas City got a crucial stop in the red zone, forcing a short field goal and leaving plenty of time for the Chiefs to drive for a game-winning field goal. Only problem is that the Chiefs were hellbent on self-destruction.

Chiefs’ freefall continues at New York Jets | The Kansas City Star

Andy Reid has worked five years to build this team, finally with the speed and versatility and experience to best complement his scheme, and a confident defense with talent at every level, and the result at the moment is closer to the dysfunction he inherited than the Super Bowl champion he envisioned.

Travis Kelce sick of hearing criticism of quarterback Alex Smith | The Kansas City Star

“I’m sick of hearing that Alex Smith is the reason this team isn’t winning,” Kelce said. “He played his tail off and we went out there and battled.”

Marcus Peters of Kansas City Chiefs exited then returned on Sunday over penalty confusion | ESPN

"That's why he left the field,'' coach Andy Reid said. "I don't know what was said to him or not said to him. But he thought he was. That's why he came back out.''

Cameron Erving is not Travis Kelce nor should the Chiefs pretend like he is | AA

Yes, you heard that correctly. Here’s how NOT open Cam Erving was when they actually tried to make it work. As in, yes they still attempted to pass to force this to happen. Check it out below.

What can you say about the Kansas City Chiefs now? | Arrowhead Pride

So, yeah. The Chiefs lost, they’re 6-6 and now I have to give up hope. I don’t want to but what can you say about the Chiefs right now? How can I say next week is the week they turn it around?

For several years I’ve been able to say under Andy Reid’s leadership that the Chiefs are a veteran team that doesn’t beat themselves. That’s been true in almost every game to this point. They don’t lose to bad teams very often and they hardly ever lose to bad quarterbacks. They don’t make dumb mistakes that bad teams make.

Chiefs lose 38-31 to the Jets: Insta-reaction! | The Kansas City Star

Josh McCown — let that sink a little — made play after play. One drive, the Jets converted five third downs. Another drive, Elijah McGuire scored a touchdown that was called back after review, and then the very next snap Bilal Powell scored a fairly straightforward touchdown.

Alex Smith isn't the problem in Kansas City Chiefs' latest loss | ESPN

"Zero extra [pressure]," Smith said. "If you've got to have some extra mo or something, absolutely not. I haven't thought about it. I'm trying to go out and play good ball. I realize the last couple of weeks on offense hasn't been good enough for us. You're [eager] to get back on track. You're [eager] to get it going again and get back to playing the way we know we can play.

Fox Sports trolls Chiefs about recent slump | The Kansas City Star

Actor Richard Riehle, known for his roles in “Office Space,” “The Fugitive” and more, is dressed in a Chiefs sweater and sits in a rocking chair near a fireplace with a Christmas tree in the room. Riehle regales two children about Kansas City’s success back in his day ... seven weeks ago.

Chiefs Injury Update: Mitch Morse Injures Foot in Sunday’s Loss |

“As far as injuries go, the only one to mention is Mitch Morse,” Reid said. “It was his foot which was acting up a bit, so we’ll just see how he does here in the next little bit.”

Chiefs vs. Jets: 10 Observations |

On what proved to be the game-winning drive for the Jets, the Chiefs were called for four penalties and all of them came when the Jets were within the Chiefs’ three-yard line.

One of the penalties came on a Jets made field goal that would have given the Chiefs the ball back trailing by two with 3:58 left in the game, but the penalty gave the Jets a first-and-goal and extended the drive.

Andy Reid Postgame Press Conference |

Andy Reid speaks to the media following the Chiefs' loss to the Jets.

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