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NFL picks, Week 17: Straight up and against the spread

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last week I went 12-3 on the straight up picks (I missed the Panthers/Bucs game, should have gone 13-3), and I went 5-5 against the spread with a couple of games being a push.

I’d say that’s a pretty average week.

Straight Up Picks

Packers @ Lions: Lions

Bears @ Vikings: Vikings

Texans @ Colts: Texans

Browns @ Steelers: Steelers

Jets @ Patriots: Patriots

Redskins @ Giants: Redskins

Cowboys @ Eagles: Eagles

Jaguars @ Titans: Jaguars

Bills @ Dolphins: Bills

Bengals @ Ravens: Ravens

Raiders @ Chargers: Chargers

Cardinals @ Seahawks: Seahawks

49ers @ Rams: Rams

Panthers @ Falcons: Falcons

Chiefs @ Broncos: Chiefs

Saints @ Buccaneers: Saints

Against the Spread

This will be updated as the lines change, up until I make my bets. Remember, if you are planning on making money off of these, don’t. I do this for fun, not to feed my wife and kids.

When betting against the spread I pick what I think the spread to each game should be. Then if my spread is two or more points away from the actual spread, I place a bet on the team my spread favors.

Also to note, week 17 is always a risky bet due to teams resting starters and other teams having nothing to play for.

Cowboys (-3) @ Eagles: Eagles
My spread: EVEN

Redskins (-3) @ Giants: Redskins
My spread: Redskins (-5)

Browns @ Steelers (-11): Steelers
My spread: Steelers (-20)

Texans @ Colts (-4): Texans
My spread: Texans (-1)

Bills (-3) @ Dolphins: Dolphins
My spread: Dolphins (-1)

Chiefs @ Broncos (-3): Chiefs
My spread: EVEN

Bengals @ Ravens (-10): Ravens
My spread: Ravens (-13)

Panthers @ Falcons (-4): Panthers
My spread: Falcons (-2)

Saints (-7) @ Buccaneers: Saints
My spread: Saints (-9)

Jaguars @ Titans (-3): Jaguars
My spread: Jaguars (-7)

I’m not sure if the book keeper knows the Jaguars will play their starters against the Titans... that seems like a really, really bad line to me.

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