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What can you say about the Kansas City Chiefs now?

I kept saying this week that if the Kansas City Chiefs lose this game to the New York Jets, which would be their sixth loss in seven games, that I would give up hope. I would give up hope that the Chiefs could turn back into the 5-0 Chiefs.

So, yeah. The Chiefs lost, they’re 6-6 and now I have to give up hope. I don’t want to but what can you say about the Chiefs right now? How can I say next week is the week they turn it around?

For several years I’ve been able to say under Andy Reid’s leadership that the Chiefs are a veteran team that doesn’t beat themselves. That’s been true in almost every game to this point. They don’t lose to bad teams very often and they hardly ever lose to bad quarterbacks. They don’t make dumb mistakes that bad teams make.

Recently, the last three weeks in particular, the Chiefs have been making those mistakes. They have been a dumb football team. Yes, this is on Alex Smith for fourth quarter interceptions. Most recently, this is on the defense for an awful performance in New York. The Chiefs defense was not to blame against the Giants or Bills; they are to blame against the Jets. Alex Smith was not to blame against the Jets; he was to blame against the Giants and Bills.

That’s what I can’t get over: This is not a well-coached team

How weird is it to say that? You can bitch and moan about Andy Reid all you want but his teams are usually pretty good. They don’t make a lot of dumb mistakes that bad teams make. They win a lot. That’s why I like Andy Reid.

This team is just different. They’re so unprepared or inattentive to detail or flat unwilling. I don’t get it. I’m at a loss. It’s so odd to go on the radio or do our podcast and have no idea how to take about this team. I don’t know what they’re going to do from week to week.

I can live with every loss this season up to the Giants loss and after. Something is different with the Giants, Bills and now Jets losses. Those are not typical Chiefs losses and it’s tough to defend them.

I always want to make it into the playoffs rather not make it into the playoffs but this year more than any other it’s clear that this is not a real contending team. What can you say about them?

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