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KC Chiefs’ New Year’s resolutions

Joel and I played three rounds of a little game called New Year’s Resolutions on this week’s edition of the Arrowhead Pride Podcast.

The premise of the game was to name a random Chiefs player and come up with a suitable 2018 resolution for that player.

Derrick Johnson
Pete: “I’m going to be the best broadcaster I can be.”

Marcus Peters
Joel: “I will continue getting tons of turnovers while working on not throwing things into the crowd and wearing socks.”

Eric Fisher
Pete: “I will get better and not be afraid to talk to the media (like when the Pittsburgh Steelers call me out point blank).”

Eric Berry
Joel: “I will never leave the Chiefs facility.”

Demetrius “Football” Harris
Pete: “I will get new catching gloves.”

Spencer Ware
Joel: “I will reclaim the No. 2 job.”

You can play the full podcast below, or go ahead and fast forward to “New Year’s Resolutions” at 27:50.

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