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Chiefs one of three teams to have winning record in five straight seasons

The Kansas City Chiefs won their ninth game of the season last weekend against the Dolphins which means they will finish the season once again with a winning record. This is the fifth consecutive season the Chiefs have had a winning season under Andy Reid.

The Patriots and Seahawks are good company to be in. Even the Steelers went 8-8 in 2013. Seattle’s consecutive winning seasons streak goes back to 2011 while the Patriots goes back to 2000 (!!).

The difference, obviously, is the postseason success. The Seahawks and Patriots have had it with those pesky Super Bowls and the Chiefs haven’t. That’s what’s missing between them.

The Chiefs can change that. They can change how this period is viewed — or even extend this period — by going on a run in the postseason. It’s in their control.

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