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I don’t know why the Chiefs didn’t go after James Harrison

The Pittsburgh Steelers surprisingly cut longtime pass rusher James Harrison last week. It’s the kind of move you might see for a struggling player but certainly not someone approaching franchise legend status like Harrison. The timing was just odd.

Once I saw the release, though, I immediately thought the Chiefs should sign him. Even if for just a few snaps per game, which is what he’s been getting this season, he could be worth it. The Chiefs saw first hand in their last matchups with the Steelers what Harrison can do. Heck, claiming him just so the Chiefs don’t have to face him in the playoffs is almost a consideration for me.

You all know what happened after he was cut. The Chiefs didn’t sign him. The Patriots did. The rich get richer.

This is one of those moves that makes so much sense for the Chiefs that I’m legitimately confused why they didn’t consider him. There were no claims put in on him so the Chiefs didn’t attempt to get him when they could have.

Maybe there’s more to the story here — surely, there is — or a good explanation that I’m not currently thinking of but I can’t figure out why the Chiefs wouldn’t make this move. Harrison isn’t an every down player but the Chiefs are already splitting snaps with Frank Zombo and Tamba Hali. Why not throw Harrison in there for a couple series’ per game?

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