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Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt could end season just short of the NFL rushing title

Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell is considered one of the best in the game right now. He destroys the Chiefs every time they play and he has this style of running that others are starting to copy.

So how good is Chiefs RB Kareem Hunt then? Hunt has one more yard than Bell this season on 50 fewer carries. It’s 4.8 yards per carry for Hunt vs. 4.0 yards per carry for Bell.

Hunt’s season has been special. So special that he has a shot at the NFL’s rushing crown. Hunt sits 13 yards behind the NFL’s rushing leader, Todd Gurley.

1. Todd Gurley: 1,305 yards

2. Kareem Hunt: 1,292 yards

3. Le’Veon Bell: 1,291 yards

The Rams and Steelers have both clinched playoff spots and could both sit their starters this weekend. It hasn’t been announced yet but it seems like a good bet the Chiefs are going to rest their starters, too.

So, it’s possible, Hunt ends the season 13 yards away from the rushing title.

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