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The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes decision should be coming today

We are a mere hours away from hearing whether the Kansas City Chiefs will start rookie QB Patrick Mahomes this weekend against the Denver Broncos. Chiefs coach Andy Reid will meet the media shortly before noon today and we expect it’s then that he will tell us the plan for this weekend’s starting quarterback. More specifically, whether Mahomes is starting.

The Chiefs have have clinched the AFC West title and are locked into the No. 4 seed in the AFC playoffs so they have nothing to play for. Historically, Andy Reid benches most of his key starters in a situation like this. I am fully expecting the same to happen here today. The difference this time being the Chiefs have a brand new shiny rookie quarterback to check out in Week 17.

I love ya, Chase Daniel, but this Week 17 game will be more fun than some of the other backup games in the past. I can not wait to see Mahomes play — if that’s what the Chiefs decide to do.

Andy Reid won’t come out with an awesome game plan full of new material. This season is first and foremost about winning the Super Bowl so Mahomes is the sideshow here not the main event. The Chiefs ultimately have their eyes on that playoff matchup, not Week 17.

Still, I haven’t been this excited for a meaningless Chiefs game in a long time. Mrs. Arrowhead Pride asked me if I could get someone else to cover this game — she heard me use the word “meaningless” — so that we could go out to dinner with friends for New Year’s.

I told her she is crazy (in a nice way). This game is not meaningless. This game is our future ... if he plays.

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