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Chiefs players singing the 12 days of Chiefsmas is very well done

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Our own Kent Swanson did a little Chiefsmas poem this week but I must say that the Chiefs have him topped. I came across this commercial of the Chiefs promoting today’s Dolphins game and it included Chiefs players singing the 12 days of Christmas.

Ahem, the 12 days of Chiefsmas. Check it out:

On the 12th day of Chiefsmas my true love gave to me

12 Chiefs-a-chopping

11 celebrations

10 yards we’re gaining

9 sacks and counting

8 games at Arrowhead

7 butts-a-kicking

6 points we’re scoring

5 wideouts sing

4 broken tackles

3 defensive ends

2 yellow gloves

And a play drawn up by coach Reid