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Which position is most important for Chiefs postseason success?

We ask you to send us your tweets every week to discuss on the Arrowhead Pride Chiefs podcast. We got a very good one this week from Clinton Petrie (@CBP1996).

Joel Thorman: “Outside linebackers on either side. Can I just say the pass rush as a whole? That’s like half the defense. I think Justin Houston and whoever’s on the other side, Tamba Hali when he’s in there, just need to be able to rush the passer consistently, because if they can’t do that, they’re eventually going to lose.”

Shawn Barber: “I believe it always starts at the line of scrimmage. It starts in the trenches, so the defensive and offensive lines, if you ask me to prioritize them, I’m going to go with the defensive line, because at the start of every game, it’s 0-0. If your defensive line is dominating the other opponent, then they don’t score. If they don’t score, they won’t win. Offensively, I think you can do things to protect your offensive line a little bit—outclass, outmatch, you could throw it fast, you can do the screen game—but when your defense is kicking the butt of the other team’s offensive line, you can’t do anything. You can’t run, you can’t pass, you just kind of hold on tight and wait for a special teams touchdown or a defensive touchdown because when you’re getting your butt handed to you and you’re on that side of the ball, it’s a sad, sad day.”

Pete Sweeney: “I see your edge rushers and I see your trenches, and I raise you an exact position and location on the field. That’s the right cornerback and nickelback positions because during the Chiefs’ terrible stretch, that side was getting killed and every team has a No. 1 wideout and a No. 1 threat. If the Chiefs, as it has seemed like in the past couple of weeks, can prevent that area, that position from being targeted, I think the success will be there.”

For that discussion and a preview of the Miami Dolphins, listen on the player below and if you can’t see it, click here.

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