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The one thing I would change about the Kansas City Chiefs season

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a weird season. If you asked me in Week 5 if there was anything I would change about this season, I would say absolutely not. The Chiefs were the league’s best team. If you asked me in Week 13 if I would change anything, I would say absolutely yes. The Chiefs were playing like the league’s worst team.

If there were one thing about this Chiefs season that I could change it wouldn’t be the losing streak. I think that could end up being valuable for the Chiefs in terms of clearly understanding their weaknesses.

The one thing I would change is Eric Berry’s injury. I just wrote about him yesterday and two have two posts in two days on a player that was put on IR months ago really says it all. I can’t help but think what this season would be like if Berry were here. Do the Chiefs go on that losing streak? Does the defense give up 38 points to Josh “Tom Brady” McCown?

I know there’s no point in wondering about all that. It’s not going to change anything. Berry isn’t coming back his injury this year (although I have thought about what an amazing surprise entrance that would be if he did — like Sting returning to WCW in 1997).

If there were one thing about this season that you could change, what would it be?

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