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This Eric Berry story shows his off the charts leadership skills

The Eric Berry factor is real. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the week Eric Berry became more visible around the team is the week that the Chiefs turned it around.

Berry, who was hurt for the season in Week 1, has been spotted on the sidelines and breaking down the team lately. NFL Network’s James Palmer had a story from Chiefs LB Reggie Ragland that shows the incredible leadership Berry brings.

Read this:

“I spoke to someone within the organization after that Raiders game two weeks ago who said there’s an added energy when Eric Berry is around. He’s constantly talking to players on the sidelines showing them what he’s seeing in games.

“I talked to middle linebacker Reggie Ragland who has the headset and makes the calls and he told me, every week during the week Eric Berry stands me up in front of other members of the defense and quizzes me about what he knows about our opponent, about their favorite routes, about their favorite plays. He goes through a quizzing process with me and everything he does, not just on Sundays, but throughout the week has spread through the defense.”

I think sometimes that the off the field value some players bring can be overstated. Not with Berry. Frankly, it’s probably understated. This guy is a unique human being with leadership skills off the charts.

I feel better about the Chiefs knowing Berry is around. I think he makes a difference, even from the sidelines.

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