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Steve Young says Chiefs need to force Alex Smith to take more risks

Today’s What’s Wrong With The Chiefs entry looks at Alex Smith and the Chiefs taking more risks on offense.

NFL Hall of Fame QB Steve Young was on ESPN (via Morning on 610 Sports) this week and gave his take on what the Chiefs need to do to fix their offense.

“We’ve seen this Chiefs offense and we don’t like it,” Young said. “I think you have to force Alex Smith into empty backfields, no huddle, speed the game up. Take more risks. Force the risks onto Alex because the truth is he can handle it. Put him in situations where he has to take risks, where he has to manage that and I think that makes the team more explosive. They’ve got offensive line problems, they haven’t been expansive in the running game, there are things happening around Alex that are mitigating. OK, it’s not him. It really is how philosophically how to attack it, open it up and force Alex to be more expansive and more risk-taker.”

I can agree with the idea of this because I do think the Chiefs need to stretch the field more vertically rather than horizontally but it’s also easier said than done. The Chiefs would love to be stretching the field if they could but they aren’t. So the question always comes back to why? Is it the offensive line? The running game? Is it Alex? (I don’t have anything else to say here because I don’t know either)

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