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Chiefs on what Darrelle Revis has left: “Nobody probably knows for sure”

Are you wondering what Darrelle Revis has left? Good because the Kansas City Chiefs coaches are too. Chiefs defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, who was a Jets coach when they drafted Revis, met with the Kansas City media this week and was asked whether Revis’s down 2016 season was just that, a down year, or whether he was well on his decline.

“Nobody probably knows for sure,” Sutton said. “I think knowing the player and I think he was battling some different injuries. I think he said he wasn’t in the best condition of his life in that regard. So I guess that’s where we’re laying our hope is that was an exception. There’s no question that everybody as you get up there you’re going to have that gradual decline and I don’t care what position you are – you’ve got to rely on your other things that allow you to be successful. Your knowledge, your technique, your preparation and all that’s got to be ramped up and do a good job. But we obviously have to wait and see, but I think he’ll be okay out there.”

During Sutton’s media session he repeatedly praised the preparation of Revis. He said it was “unique” and “tremendous” because he’s such a smart player who pays attention to the detail. The Chiefs are hoping all that preparation will pay off but they’re honest when they say they don’t know if it will. We’ll find out on Sunday in New York.

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