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The best experience I’ve ever had at Arrowhead

Life is crazy sometimes. I’m writing this article after attending the Chiefs vs. Chargers Saturday night game, and I shouldn’t have even been there. Had it not been for the kindness of one Chiefs fan I wouldn’t have been at the game.

I responded to Armin’s Tweet and told him I would love to have the tickets and I would bring my step daughter, Keylee, to her first NFL game.

Of course life is never that cut and dry. While I was trying to contact all the right people to make the game happen for Keylee and myself another person, Nick, responded to the Tweet and said they’d like to go.

Every holiday season I look for an opportunity to do something kind for someone, and this was my perfect opportunity. I mean what better way to go than helping out a fellow Chiefs fan! I told Armin to let Nick and his son have the tickets and Keylee and I would buy some of our own.

Because of Armin’s kind act, two kids were able to attend their first Chiefs game. What a deal!!


Before the game I took Keylee shopping to get her a jersey. After that we covered several stores of her choosing. At one point in time she even said, “It’s so nice to get out and go shopping for myself for once.” This was hilarious to me coming from a nine year old.

I’m a firm believer that young girls relationships with their father or father figures translates into their relationships when they get older. Since we don’t get out and bond as much as we probably should, I wanted to take her out and show her a great time, even if it meant sitting and waiting 12 minutes for the massage chair to finish. (Seriously, what nine year old wants to do the massage chair? When I was nine I’d be climbing over the chair, not sitting in it.)

After we were done with her shopping we headed straight to Arrowhead.

The Arrowhead Experience

We got to the game in just enough time to say hi to Nick and his son. Of course a photo had to be taken.

The atmosphere at Arrowhead was electric, I can’t remember the last time I have heard Arrowhead so intense. Before the game many people said Chargers fans were going to take over the stands, but Chargers fans had to account for less than 10 percent from my eye.

We made it back to our seats and settled in. Before the game started someone threw a beer at a Chargers fan. I went up to them and shook their hand and said throwing beers isn’t cool and the vast majority of us aren’t like that. Some fans started booing me for shaking his hand, to which I just said, “Don’t throw beers.”

At the start of the game I noticed Keylee was having a hard time seeing the field. A group behind us had seats in the front row near a stairwell. They were kind enough to let us sit in one of the spots so she could see. Yet another great act of kindness from Chiefs fan.

As the game progressed I could tell Keylee was understanding more and more of the game. Eventually she was screaming on defense more than most of the people around us. I had to strain myself just to keep up!

She also did a good job of tolerating my jeers to the Chargers. I’d say I acted stupid only twice. One was when I was yelling about the “Chokin’ Chargers” and the other was when I told everyone I was Philip Rivers and proceeded to act like I was choking to death. Not cool, but sometimes I can’t help myself.

The Postgame

After the game was over, and I had some time to reflect, I know Saturday night was the best experience I’ve ever had at Arrowhead and I shouldn’t have even been there. What makes it even more special is that I got to share it with Keylee. The memories we made will never be forgotten. That’s what it’s all about folks.

From the kind act on Twitter, to the kind act of the people who allowed us to use their seats, it was a great experience. Chiefs fans truly are the best and I am so thankful.

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