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Week 16 NFL odds: Chiefs are big favorites, again

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The Kansas City Chiefs have to be feeling better today after they’ve put up two straight dominating games. They beat the Raiders by two scores and the Chargers by three scores. It’s been a good couple of weeks after a tough couple of months.

The Chiefs can have an even better Monday next week if they beat Miami. Doing that would clinch the AFC West title for the Chiefs, who have surprisingly never won the AFC West in back to back years.

The chances of the Chiefs beating the Dolphins are pretty good, the odds say.

The Chiefs were 10-point favorites against the Giants and Bills in back to back games and they lost both of them. That’s the effect of this losing streak, that’s always in the back of your mind. The Chiefs in the past two weeks, however, have looked more like the Chiefs of old. They look like a team that should beat the Dolphins by more than 10.