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NFL playoff picture update: Patriots, Steelers, Jaguars are in, Chiefs can clinch Week 16

The Kansas City Chiefs remain in the fourth seed in the AFC playoffs. If the Chiefs win next week against the Miami Dolphins they will clinch the AFC West title. It’s looking like the Chiefs will likely host a home playoff game against the fifth seed which today is the Tennessee Titans. I would like that matchup from the Chiefs standpoint if it came down to it.

(Check out the ESPN playoff machine for any playoff scenario you’re looking for)

The Patriots and Steelers and Jaguars have all clinched division titles which means they will be playing in home playoff games. The Jaguars have clinched a playoff spot and will likely clinch their division title to host a playoff game too. The Patriots and Steelers will be the top two seeds with a playoff bye if they win this weekend (or if the Jaguars lose). The Patriots host the Bills next week and the Steelers visit the Texans.

The AFC Wild Card is still a work in progress. The Chiefs, if things hold like they are this week, would play the top Wild Card team so you’re looking at the Titans, Bills, Ravens or potentially even the Chargers.

AFC playoff picture

1. Patriots (11-3)

2. Steelers (11-3)

3. Jaguars (10-4)

4. Chiefs (8-6)

5. Titans (8-6)

6. Bills (8-6)

In the hunt: Ravens (8-6), Chargers (7-7)

The Eagles and Vikings have both clinched their divisions and are in. The Eagles have clinched a first round bye. The NFC playoff picture is more competitive. They are more balanced than the AFC this year yet we’re looking at a possible Nick Foles-Case Keenum NFC title game matchup.

The Rams are going to be a really tough out after we saw them destroy the Seahawks this week. Speaking of Seattle, they’re still the team nobody wants to see make it to the playoffs (well, besides those who live in Seattle).

The strength of the NFC playoff field is evident in the Wild Card teams — the Falcons, who made the Super Bowl last year, and the Panthers, who made the Super Bowl the year before that.

NFC playoff picture

1. Eagles (12-2)

2. Vikings (11-3)

3. Rams (10-4)

4. Saints (10-4)

5. Panthers (10-4)

6. Falcons (8-5)

In the hunt: Lions (8-6), Seahawks (8-6), Cowboys (8-6)

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