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Alex Smith says Chargers respected Tyreek Hill all night but “you just can’t do it all game”

I’ve said before that if Tyreek Hill isn’t underthrown in a one on one situation, he will score. That was the case on Saturday night when KC Chiefs QB Alex Smith wound up and delivered a 64-yard strike to Tyreek.

“He almost overthrew me,” Tyreek said after the game. “I went to the sidelines and gave him crap for it. It was a good ball and I was able to run up under it.”

It was a perfect throw. It came against one of the top corners in the game, Casey Hayward. We’re used to seeing Tyreek underthrown because he is so fast. That’s not a shot on the quarterback, that’s recognizing that Tyreek is freakishly fast. The ball was perfect.

Alex Smith spoke to the media after the game and said the Chargers were actually going out of their way to respect Tyreek throughout the game. However, the touchdown came on a third and short when you can’t sit back and double him.

“They were very aware of Tyreek all over the field,” Alex said after the game. “You just can’t do it all game. You get to a third and short and you just can’t afford to do it all game and then he made them pay.

The Chiefs spread out five wide on third and two with no one in the backfield on the touchdown. Heck of a call.

“Special player,” Alex continued. “I thought they were very aware of where he was and giving him a lot of respect. I think that’s why you saw a lot of the stuff underneath, open. Because they were getting out of there. But like I said, you just can’t do it in all situations and we got a good look there. He was able to make the play which was sweet.”

Sweet, indeed.

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