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Sure looks like Andy Reid nailed the Marcus Peters suspension

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We’ll never, know what effect Marcus Peters’s suspension last week had on his performance against the Chargers on Saturday night.

BUT ...

It sure seems like it helped.

Peters had two interceptions and was in on a forced fumble. It was a monster game from him. Peters is a big time player and those types usually respond so plenty of folks predicted before the game it would be a big one for Peters. And he delivered.

I doubted Reid for suspending Peters. I didn’t think it was the right move. I thought too much was on the line in last week’s game against the Raiders and that the Chiefs, who have already lost Eric Berry, needed one of their best players in the game.

So, of course, the Chiefs go out and beat the Raiders no problem without him and then he comes back with a huge performance in an even bigger game.

Sorry for doubting you, Big Red.