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Tamba Hali gave Joey Bosa some pass rushing tips after the Chiefs beat the Chargers

The Kansas City Chiefs schooled the Los Angeles Chargers and so Tamba Hali decided to take Chargers DE Joey Bosa to school.

No, really, pass rushing school.

After the game, Tamba talked pass rush tips with Bosa. The NFL tweeted this picture out. This is pretty cool to see right after a game, especially for a player of Bosa’s caliber.

They have the Big Ten connection with Tamba playing at Penn State and Bosa coming out of Ohio State so maybe that’s it. Or maybe Bosa knew Tamba as a good technician and wanted to ask him a few things. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s it because Tamba has been in the league for a minute and I think has a reputation of someone who knows what to do with his hands (as opposed to not knowing what to do with your hands).

Cool moment after the game.

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