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Chargers-Chiefs 2017 preview: 5 questions with the enemy

Thanks to our friends at SB Nation’s Chargers blog, Bolts From The Blue, for answering our Chiefs-Chargers questions. You can find our Q&A below.

1. What's different about the Chargers team this week vs. Week 3?

BFTB: Philip Rivers is playing some of the best football of his career. The offense is finally fully utilizing Hunter Henry and Keenan Allen. Denzel Perryman has returned from injury and solidified the interior of the defense and vastly improved how they play against the run.

At a basic level, the players are being put in a position to succeed, the offense is not turning the ball over, and the defense is forcing turnovers.

2. The teams who have stopped Chargers pass rushers Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa, how did they do it?

BFTB: The keys to stopping Ingram and Bosa are the same as they are for stopping any great pass rushing duo: great tackle play (see the Redskins game) and quick passing. Most teams have been unable to do this as so much effort is put into stopping Ingram and Bosa that it creates openings for the likes of Desmond King and Corey Liuget to get to the quarterback.

3. What kind of shape is the Chargers offensive line in?

BFTB: Russell Okung is still great. Dan Feeney flashes great talent. Spencer Pulley and Kenny Wiggins regularly show their inexperience and physical limitations. Joe Barksdale at least isn't hurt anymore, but he's not great. Philip Rivers is helping to hide that they have taken a step back by playing lights out, but it's possible to get to him and the Chiefs certainly have the players to do it.

4. What's your stat prediction for Keenan Allen on Saturday night?

BFTB: Somewhere around eight catches, over 100 yards, and a score. He's open on almost every play at this point and Rivers is not afraid to go back to him over and over as long as it is working and it has been working for weeks now.

5. What's your score prediction?

BFTB: I like the Chiefs in this one because they're at home. Let's call it 24-21, but I would not be surprised to see it go either way. This should be a close game that goes down to the wire.

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