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This Chiefs hype video narrated by Eric Berry has me fired up

The Kansas City Chiefs are bringing out all the stops on Saturday night.

They’re going to be wearing their all red uniforms on Saturday night. Primetime at Arrowhead with the red on red. Sweetness.

Next, the Chiefs released this hype video that features Eric Berry’s voice and IT HAS ME READY TO RUN THROUGH A BRICK WALL! LET’S GO!!!!

We’ve been on a mission since day one. That’s all we wanted to do was win together. As simple as it is, nobody every really said it was going to be easy. We never back down from a challenge because we knew we had each other. With that Arrowhead on their helmet, that Lamar Hunt patch on their chest, we understand what it takes to go out there and win. We understand the dedication and the focus that we need to have. We know what’s at stake. But when you got that sea of red behind you, it takes that confidence and swag, the it factor, the grit, it takes that to a whole other level. So when you come to Arrowhead on Saturday, make sure ya’ll bring it. Make sure we feel your energy. You best believe we’re going to bring that right with you.

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