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What can the Chiefs expect from the Arrowhead crowd vs. the Chargers?

Red-on-red uniforms always give the Arrowhead Stadium crowd some juice, that we know.

But what can we realistically expect from Chiefs fans on Saturday night after such a strange midseason stretch?

We discussed on this week’s Arrowhead Pride Podcast.

Pete: “Saturday night, you have an Arrowhead Stadium crowd that is usually raucous when they have to work tomorrow. No one is working on Sunday. I think this place is going to be rocking on Saturday night.”

Joel Thorman: “I have wondered about that. The Raiders win kind of turned things around a little bit, but the Chiefs were so bad for so long this season that I think there were plenty of fans that kind of checked out and were like, ‘Welp.’ Did the Raiders game bring these people back in?”

Pete: “See, I would think if this was just a regular Sunday game, I would agree with you. I think this is too good of an opportunity for a Saturday night. I had a friend I was talking with yesterday and she was trying to find a party bus for Saturday night this week and she could not find a party bus in the city. I just think it’s going to be a party atmosphere, because again, there’s the Saturday night thing you never get in the NFL.”

Shawn Barber: “Man, I am pleading and hoping that the fan base realizes this is a fight for first place.”

Pete: “This is the playoffs.”

Shawn: “This is where we make our stand. This is where we fight. This is going to be the game of the season right here, and to be a first-hand account, to be on the field last week and to see half the lower level black and silver, I didn’t know where I was. I was kind of concerned that not only were our fans selling out, but they are selling our tickets to the opponent. They were making it an easier environment for a quarterback that struggles coming into Arrowhead, and that was just amazing to me. Not only do you not want to go, but you can’t even find another Chiefs fan to take your ticket to make sure that the Sea of Red stays the Sea of Red? It’s a personal challenge. Like I said, I’m on the sideline, and I hope and pray that the Sea of Red is back on Saturday night.”

For that discussion and a full, in-depth preview of Chiefs-Chargers, listen to the podcast below or click here.

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