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Chiefs, Chargers have the same odds of winning the AFC West

Last week the Kansas City Chiefs were slight favorites in the AFC West. This week, they’re tied with the Los Angeles Chargers. I guess that makes Saturday night’s game kiiiiiind of a big one.

Here are the current AFC West odds (via Bovada):

Kansas City Chiefs (10/11)

Los Angeles Chargers (10/11)

Oakland Raiders (16/1)

Denver Broncos (Off the board)

The Chiefs and Chargers are both 7-6 and play this weekend at Arrowhead where the Chargers are 1-point favorites. The Chargers actually have better Super Bowl odds than the Chiefs (28/1 to 18/1) and, frankly, I can’t really argue with that. The Chargers look like they have a higher ceiling than the Chiefs right now. I need a couple more game of the Chiefs being the old Chiefs before I can fully buy in again. No better time to start than Saturday night.

Chiefs remaining schedule: Chargers, Dolphins, at Broncos

Chargers remaining schedule: at Chiefs, at Jets, Raiders

Which schedule would you rather have?

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